The Basic List of Smithing Supplies:

1) Scissors or other cutting utensil

WHY: For cutting tape and foam

WHERE: Fabric Stores, Hardware Stores


2) Pressure Cutters or Hack-Saw

WHY: To cut the core material with

WHERE: Hardware Stores


3) Measuring Tape

WHY: To measure with.

WHERE: Fabric Stores, Hardware Stores


4) Permanent Markers

WHY: To mark measurements on materials with

WHERE: Department stores


5) PVC PIPE (½” – 1” PVC SCH 40 400(+) PSI)

WHY: We use it for the “core” because it is light, can be shaped, inexpensive,

it has a good potential life span and it breaks comparatively cleanly.

WHERE: Hardware Stores (Plumbing Section)


6) Tubes of PVC Pipe Insulation at least 1/2” thick.

WHY: This is the standard foam we use for padding our equipment

WHERE: Hardware Stores (Plumbing Section)


7) Electrical Tape, Hockey Tape, Grip Tape or other...

WHY: For the grip section

WHERE: Hardware Stores, Sports Stores


8) Cloth or Duck Tape

WHY: To cover the foam and protect it from damage

WHERE: Hardware Stores, Fabric Stores


9) Duck Tape or Duct Tape or Cloth Tape

WHY: To construct equipment with or mark armor, it is our “metal”

WHERE: Hardware Stores, Fabric Stores


10) Velcro

WHY: For shields/armor and attaching equipment to shields/armor

WHERE: Fabric Stores, Hardware stores


11) “Block” or “Mattress” Foam

WHY: For use in shields, armor, and weapons

WHERE: Hardware Stores


12) “Rolled Camp Mats”

WHY: For shield surfaces

WHERE: Camping Supply Stores


13) Sleds, Plastic Garbage Can Lids, Constructed PVC Frames, Cardboard Boxes

WHY: Shields

WHERE: Hardware Stores, Department Stores, Thrift Stores, Yard Sales