The Rules

1. We are playing a tag based game in the park with real live people. Please be mindfull and exercise sportsmanship.

2. If you get tagged in the arm stop using the arm.

3. If you get tagged twice in the same arm then you lose.

4. If you get tagged in the torso you lose.

5. If you get tagged in the leg then you must move no faster than a  slow-ish walk while either standing or kneeling. No lunging, jumping, long-stepping or running.

6. If you lose both legs you must move much slower than at a walking pace while either standing or on your knees.

7. If you lose both arms then you are still in the game  if you choose to be, yet cannot win without at least one arm.

8. Tags to the head, groin, hands on grips, female chest, or landed during a "hold" do not count.

9. No arguing, reset or everyone dies.

10. If "hold" is called loudly then stop all movement until "battle on" is called by an event organizer.


These are the rules that you need to know in order to play with us on our field.

For clarification, qualification, or any further questions please consult an Event Organizer.