One of the first questions new warriors ask is where equipment might be acquired. In the case of foam warfare the direct answer is to make it yourself. While Foam War-Fields often have a cache of spare weapons and craftsmen,  the benefits of building your own equipment are significant. These benefits include; lower costs, familiarity with your equipment, and an improved awareness of the forces applied in-game.
   This awareness comes from applying your knowledge of construction technique to the safety evaluation and eventual repair of the weapon.  Wear and tear acts as an excellent measuring stick for your exertions. Examining damage like a crime scene investigator, a warrior teaches himself about construction and application simultaneously.
   In this way time and experience translate into improved understanding and capability for the warrior. The long run benefits of building and maintaining your own equipment are significant. The short run risks of building your own equipment are the wasted time and expense of a few botched tries. These risks can be avoided by seeking out an elder whose craftsmanship is commonly approved of for guidance in your first attempt.    

The potential downside of not building and repairing your equipment is turning a blind eye on what your own weapon is trying to tell you. This is what makes craftsmanship a basic skill for the competent foam warrior; it is an ever-present aspect of the sport which cannot be avoided without assistance. When embracing the skills of equipment creation and repair, assistance is beneficial but not absolutely required.