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     We have spent several years and many hours meeting as elders and a field to discuss, debate, and vote on the rule set that our field uses. Our goal is to have our field be a safe and fun environment for everyone and we continue to strive to achieve this goal.

    Here you will find all of the basic rules that have been laid down as our fields fundamental rule set. If you wish to participate on a regular basis we highly suggest you read through them and familiarize yourself with them.

    We have many games we play on our field and have many variations on these games to add variety to what we do and keep things interesting. Our game pack contains many of these games and variations so you can find out what to expect from our field outside of clans.

    In addition to our field rules we have also put a lot of effort into our weapon smithing rules and guidelines. We attempt to stand out from the crowd, to build the safest, most versatile and long lasting weapons possible. After having had many smith councils and meetings, where we have long discussed building techniques and styles, we have come up with what we consider to be our fields standard styles of weapon building that are easy to replicate and cost effective. 

A Word From Kilmy on Smithing

In our weapon smithing rules and pack you will find all of the basics on our fields standards and how to build a boffing sword to . You can feel free to ask any master smith on the field for advice on how to build weapons that are both safe and look good or explanations on any of the rules.