Bellingham Foamwars Rules Pack 06/2017


Event organizers are always present, willing and able to resolve disputes and clarify rules.



-THE FIELD IS FAMILY FRIENDLY. We do not want people leaving because they feel uncomfortable.

-NO SMOKING ON THE FIELD OR MAIN AREA(Off to the sides 25ft away from the main area is ok.)

-Do not attack people who are not alive and in play.

-We require underage minors to have an adult at the field to supervise them and of-age minors to have their parent’s consent and understanding of what their children are doing.

-This is a play at your own risk activity and no one can assume any assurances of complete safety for this is a contact sport. Nor can the group, as a whole be held accountable for the actions of an individual.

-Before any equipment can be used in game it must be approved by at least two qualified tapesmiths.

-Before any equipment can be used in a game it must be maintenance checked and the owners' permission must be obtained.

-Event Organizers have the authority to deal with anything that needs to be dealt with wether it is in the rules or not.

-----------------EQUIPMENT CHECKING------------------

1: New equipment must be qualified by designated personel who have also been qualified.

2: Maintenance checks must occur as often as possible.

..........................The Rules..........................
1. Exercise Good Sportsmanship.

2. If you get tagged in the arm you loose the arm.

3. If you get tagged in the same arm twice you are out of the game.

4. If you get tagged in the torso you are out of the game, a.k.a. "dead."

5. If you get tagged in the leg you loose the leg and must move no faster than a slow-ish walk while standing or kneeling. No lunging, jumping, or running.

6. If you loose both legs you must move at much slower than walking speeds while either standing or on your knees.

7. If you loose both arms your still in the game but can't win.

8. No wild swings, headshots, groin shots, or other  unsafe actions/practices. Consult event organizers about exercising safety.

9. No arguing. If you cannot quickly and respectfully resolve a disputed tag then reset or everyone involved dies.

------------------Game or Equipment Rules, Safety Guidelines, and Clarifications--------------

- Hands which are gripping equipment at designated gripping areas are protected from tags. This is to discourage injuries.

- A tag is a tag is a tag. Wether your ally, oponent, or self tagged you it all counts.

-In the event of questions or unresolved drama seek out an event organizer such as a lord, they are there to help.

- If "hold" is called aloud then stop all movement until an event organizer calls "battle on."

- If you are not an event organizer then please do not pass calls such as "call one" or "battle on."

- If you are not a designated event organizer or trainer then please refrain from explaining rules or teaching

-Do not take, move or borrow equipment without the owners' permission.

 -If you’re not on the field and ready when “battle on” is called you must stay out, unless otherwise stated in game rules. 

 -Only Event Organizers may initiate games or battles.

 -If you step out of bounds at the gravel path, hill, rope line or orange cones you're dead.

 -If using a shield, you may not have another weapon in your shield hand if it has a solid core or impeads the shield. You may not attack with such a weapon. This is to avoid injury.

 -Only one shield permitted at a time, and it must be strapped to nowhere but the forearm.

 -Equipment being worn in a sheath or other holding device counts as the part of the body it is attached to.

- Equipment being held by the grip section is considered to be active and not worn, even while in a sheathe or down the back of a shirt.

-Running into another player or knocking them off balance with a collision is dangerous and not accepted. If running into another players melee range (the point when the weapons can engage), you must come to a controlled speed.

-When stepping into the path of someone in motion you must give him or her room to adjust. Collisions can cause injuries.

 - Placing hands on another player is strictly prohibited, as is tackling, tripping, body checking, or any other action reasonably considered to be potentialy harmfull.

 - Grasping another players' equipment anywhere is prohibited.

 - Stopping or deflecting a striking surface with your hand results in the loss of the hand used.

----------------------Flag Rules----------------------

 -When carrying a flag it can be the only thing in that hand.

-No throwing of flags.

-When you die you must drop the flag right away, if your in motion when you die you must drop the flag within 3 steps if you continue past that you must return the flag to the position when you died.

-You can block with a flag if it has a core.

-Dead limbs cannot carry or hold flags.

-If a limb holding a flag is lost the flag must be dropped not switched to another limb.


 When dead move off the field or to a designated area with either your hand on your head or a weapon held by the blade or top of your head.

--------------------Re-spawning--- ---------------------

-In some games you can come back in after being tagged out under certain circumstances. Under most circumstances a re-spawning player walks off of the field of play while holding their weapon by the blade and over their head before going though the appropriate re-spawn.

-Players can jump in at any time with non-team re-spawn games only but must go through the appropriate re-spawn as if they were dead.

-A player must check with team captains between battles to join CTF after teams have been chosen.