Lord: Alexander Seburn (Dead Bird)

Second: Art Gonzales (Red Hawk)

Smith: Showndra Gonzales (Raven)

Clan Colors: Black, red, green

Team Style: Honor Blade Is A Clan


Clan members can enroll by talking to the leaders of the group and having them talk about it with each other. New people will receive basic training. More advance training will be for members of the clean. Will be training with different weapons and leaning to fight as a group and individually as you can if needed. Be honorable fighters, and take hits if you get hit even if they are grazing.


If you are the last person alive, you will take as many people down with you. if you are he last one in the split off group, join up with the other group and fight alongside the under the other groups leadership, unless the leader yields to you.


In the case of new members, they will receive training under a skilled fighter and learn the basics. We will help you find a weapon that you feel like you can wield and we will train you with it