We are attempting to civilize violence, play at your own risk

Keep safety first, try not to hurt people.

           As in, put effort into protecting your opponent from actual damage.

The pace your opponent fights at is a clue as to how hard they will be ok with you swinging

Sometimes someone just swings too hard. Mention it but don't get upset. Boffing is intense, so boffers get intense.

           Mention it when you are worried about strength or speed, not intensity of spirit. 

           Tone it down when you are asked to, different people have different thresholds.

           You can swing really fast without putting serious power into a shot with a medium or light weapon, but there is a limit to it.

           Trying to swing close to as fast as you can puts power into your shots, go easy while you are learning about yourself

This a game/sport. Winning is only a small part of the fun, cheating is lame. Call it sportsmanship.

Trust the other boffers to be honorable

           just because you didn't notice a shot doesn't mean that anyone is lie/cheating... it happens

ask if you landed a shot rather than call it when someone seems not to have noticed

don't mention a shot you think you landed unless you are absolutely certain you landed it, 

           -speed, perspective, blinking and other factors can create illusions

If everyone involved is cool with it then it is cool

           if it is outside/against the rules, only one or two objectors means not this time

The rules that do exist are mainly to save you grief or for reasons of safety

If someone doesn't stand much of a chance against you limit yourself to even things out for honor's sake

           temporarily loosing a limb to mimic a lost limb of your opponents keeps things honorable.

           dieing without getting more than a single swing is not very fun.

           If you are good enough to destroy in an instant, you can string it out for anothers sake.

           it can be kind from time to time, but not to be expected of anyone but the most honorable

Cool moves don't work so well when you go for them, just wait for the circumstance that calls for it and be ready with it.

Try to understand how intimidating/whiny boffing can appear to someone with no understanding of it.

           The rules easily appear nitpicky to those who do not understand why they are the way they are

           these are our new recruits, at best/worst they will have ideas. 

           The intention to be safe rather than to "take it like a man"can surprise and even sadden

           the intention to be friendly rather than truly vengeful towards opponents can confuse or even upset some

Try to be understanding and upstanding, maybe even outstanding.

Play hard, play safe, play at your own risk.