Lord: Little Bear

Name: Knights Gauntlet

Team Style: Knights Gauntlet Is A Military Unit.
Knights Gauntlet is a brotherhood, a knighthood, a training center, and a team. We are a Brotherhood in action more than name, with a structure designed to build teamwork and mutal support. We are a Knighthood with a path from squire, through knight, and on to higher ranks and responsibilities within the team. This Knighthood is a system designed to develop fundamental skills for teamwork and personal ability both on the field and in life. The end goal of this training and teamwork is the ongoing development of awareness.

Team Goal: To promote a mutually supportive and healthy community.

Why Join Knights Gauntlet? For the teamwork and structure, for the training, for the brotherhood, for personal development.

What Impact Does Knights Gauntlet Have on Team Battles? By being a strong example of teamwork, sending out well trained participants into the community, and being a powerhouse for teams to contend with, Knights Gauntlet works to continue raising the bar on community participation and the general skill level of our field.