Team Style/Type: Darkside Is A Band. Dark Siders are all on the same side as armies of one. No one is higher or lower, the Lord is a shirt-wearing darksider and event organizer who is performing a function-related service to his team. There is an Etiquette to being a darksider, and there are training options and oportunities.

Why Join DARKSIDE? Join Darkside for either freedom or power. In a band there are codes of conduct depending on your purpose in joining. The Freedom Code means no one giving you orders in or out of combat. As long as you remain a decent member of our field and follow the rules then there will be little to no contact or interferance from an event organizer. For those who join to train and grow more "powerfull" there is a school of hard knocks for those who seek it. Just walk up to the team's Event Organizer and ask about it.

What Impact Does Darkside Have On Team Battles? Darkside presents an oportunity for individuals to carve their own path, an alternative route for personal development and training, and adds a rogue element to the battlefield which adds spice to team combat.