Lord: Any member of the Bellingham Foamwars Core Group, chosen by volunteer and core group vote on a weekly vote or more often.

Name: Clan Foamwars

Team Style: Clan Foamwars is a Clan
The "Clan" team style is very loosely based off of the Celtic Clans. There is a leader known as a Chief or Lord, an inner circle, and an outer circle. The entire Field Core Group is the inner circle of this team. Anyone else is free to join if welcomed by the Chief-of-the-Day. These add-ons comprise the outer circle of the team. The chief faces outward to support the inner circle. The inner circle faces outward to support the outer circle. The outer circle faces outward to face their opponents.

Team Goal: To promote a mutually supportive and healthy community by providing a means for the core group members to cooperatively experience team dynamics and leadership in an open and welcome setting. Also a welcoming place for new comers with direct access to core group members and the support and information that they can offer.

Why Join Clan Foamwars? For fun, support, information, and teamwork.

What Impact Does Clan Foamwars Have on Team Battles? By being a welcoming team to all participants in the community, and being a cooperative effort from the core of our community, Clan Foamwars works to continue supporting new and old participants alike in a regular team setting.