Team Battles, in which each team has a regular membership, unique identity/philosophy, and leadership. There is no re-spawn during Team Battles and there is a call to battle initiated by an event organizer.

Entering the game after this battle call is forbidden.

Leaving the boundaries of the field results in game death.

While a player can continue to participate after having lost both arms, only a player with at least one active arm counts towards victory.

The last team standing with at least one active player wins.

Team Battles occur every week from 1:30 to 4:30

If your a new participant on the field you can ask any elder or clan lord how to find a clan that works for you.

Being part of a team gives you a voice on the field. Each team leader is tasked with being the voice of there team members to help everyone to have their say as to how things go both during the day and during the leadership meetings.

A word from Kilmy on teams