Bellingham Foam Wars: Fighting For Fun

Welcome to Bellingham Foam Wars, a health and fitness focused sports community. We engage weekly in a light contact sport of simulated melee-weapons combat. Event organizers known as Lords are always present, willing and able to resolve disputes and clarify rules.


Fighting For Fun, What does it mean? We Fight for the continued fun of everyone on the field and in the community. We will continue to bring together all the members of the field every week to have the best time possible fighting, running, playing games, but most of all having fun. Our group is always looking to find ways to do more activities off field as well, from ski to sea to fighting at community events, you will have plenty of opportunity to participate.

This is a tag based field, meaning that all that is required for a hit is the weapon to touch a target area. Swinging full power is not safe or legal. It is not the goal of the field to cause bodily harm.
We require youths from the ages of eight to twelve to have an adult at the field to supervise them and teens from the ages of thirteen to seventeen have their parents consent and understanding of what their children are doing.

Is It Really Hard To Learn?

It's only as hard as you think it is. The big secret to it all is knowing and trusting your body, and being able to act appropriately while in the moment, without having to think too much about it.

Why Padded Swords?

Most formal systems of training in swordplay such as Kendo and Fencing as well as most medieval reenactment involves buying expensive armor to protect the participants from the wood or metal weapons they are wielding.

By making our weapons as safe as possible we kill two birds with one stone. The risk of injury and the expense of our equipment are both significantly reduced.

However, this is still somewhere between a sport and a martial art. As with any sport, there is a risk of injury involved. That risk is magnified by the nature of our activity. The padding is much less important to physical safety than practicing a certain amount of restraint. Even being as safe as humanly possible, accidents do happen.

Here are some Good Things To Keep Fresh in your mind while boffing

We are a play at your own risk field and can not assume any assurances of complete safety for our contact sport even if it is light contact field. Nor can the group as a whole be held accountable for the actions of an individual.